Idaho Wines: Meandering through the Snake River Valley

Idaho Wines: Sunset View at 3 Horse Ranch Vineyards
For many wine enthusiasts, the thought of wine being produced in Idaho seems far-fetched. For those who know about Idaho wines, it is a misnomer. The higher elevation makes for some extraordinary wine.

Most people think of Idaho as a potato-growing region but that is actually a misconception. The fertile soils are good for many different types of crops including grapes.

On a recent visit, I discovered ten wineries and explored Boise, the hub to the Snake River Valley. Boise has become a very vibrant city, reminding me of San Louis Obispo. Although a smaller town with a large Basque population, Boise is expanding its culinary horizons as the farm to table movement, known as Live Eat Local and wine industry grows. This concept applies to Idaho’s grapes and wine. The expression farm to glass aptly promotes how Idahoans envision their wine industry because most wine produced stays in Idaho.

This is an excerpt from an article Cori Solomon wrote for Big Blend Magazine.

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